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Knowledge Available to Everyone

As you navigate the world of animals, you may find it akin to deciphering a complex puzzle. I'm here to simplify that puzzle. Whether you're a dedicated professional in animal sciences or a loving pet owner, I aim to provide a helping hand and a listening ear.

Personalized Services at the Forefront

I take pride in offering personalized services that go beyond generic content. My work involves developing educational resources for companies, NGOs, and academic institutions. From in-depth case study analysis to critical reviews and the facilitation of lectures, seminars, and workshops, my approach is bespoke and aimed at delivering impactful learning experiences.

For the Families: A Journey of Companionship

For families, the path from the energetic days of puppyhood to the serene moments with senior pets is treasured. I offer specialized guidance to ensure every interaction with your animal companion is filled with understanding and joy.

  • Understanding Behaviors: Gain insights into the actions and reactions of puppies, adults, and seniors.

  • Behavior Modification: Learn techniques to foster a harmonious living environment.

  • Animal Wellness: Receive advice tailored to your pet's well-being.

  • General Consultation: Benefit from personalized advice and strategies to navigate pet ownership.

For the Professionals: A Pathway to Mastery

I am your ally in the field for professionals and students, sharing insights and delving into a wide array of subjects.

  • Anthrozoology and Ethology: Explore the science behind human-animal interactions.

  • Affective and Social Neuroscience: Understand the emotional processes of animals.

  • Animal Behavior Analysis and Modification: Learn to analyze and apply scientific principles to modify behavior.

  • Scientific Method: Grasp the foundations of research and all its fields.

  • General Student Guidance: Receive support for academic projects, from essays to practical assessments.

Embarking on a Beautiful Journey Together

The cherished bond between humans and animals lies at the heart of my mission. With a solid foundation in science, years of practical experience, and a heart full of passion, I am eager to accompany you on this enlightening journey.

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